Femtosecond Laser

Dr. Clement has been using the VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser System with the CustomVue technology for the past 7 years.  Now he is bringing to the center the Femtosecond Laser technology, or known as “Bladeless Lasik Surgery”   This technology allows the customization of the laser flaps, by allowing the determination of the thickness of the flap, it’s diameter and it’s hinge position and angle.  Therefore the design of the flap can be designed and implemented prior to its cut being made via photo disruption.

First, the infrared laser beam finds the focal point within the cornea.  Once focused, the beam emits a tight burst of energy that converts corneal tissue into a plasma, at which point the ablation occurs.  A small shock wave is then followed by a rapidly expanding cavitation bubble which clears the tissue before it shrinks to the size of a gas bubble.  The ablation and cleaning process creates thin, uniform flaps.  This enhances predictability of the flap.